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Association of Former Soviet Graduates. Study in Russia. Enjoy World-class Education.

Ассоциация Угандийских выпускников вузов бывшего СССР

Foreign Languages Courses

Soyuzonline offers a wide range of services including language courses. At the Center, you can be trained to speak the following foreign languages:

  • Russian Language
  • German Language
  • English Language
  • French Language
  • Greek Language
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • Kiswahili
  • Danish
  • Korean and
  • Portuguese

All these languages are taught by recognised professional instructors from renown Universities. All language courses are divided into three stages:
To register a language course, please click here to access the online registration form.
a) Beginners
b) Intermediate
c) Advanced

There are two registration methods:

1. You can register online using our electronic registration form, which can be accessed by clicking here
2. You can come to our head office at Mabirizi Complex, Level 4, Kampala Rd. and register from there. Please do not forget to bring your personal ID or passport and a registration fee of 20,000 UGX.
Registration takes place throughout the entire year i.e. January - December

Those who want to start from the intermediate or advanced levels have to produce evidence or proof that they have undergone prior training up to that level.
Once you enroll with Soyuz Center you gain the advantage of using our language materials like dictionaries, language text books, read comics and even watch TV programs or movies in the language you are taking. You can as well use our on-line testing sites to test your level of language level command.

To register a language course, please click here to access the online registration form.

For further information, or if you want to request for a price quotation, contact us using the contact information below:

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