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Ассоциация Угандийских выпускников вузов бывшего СССР

Additional Services

Our association offers a wide spectrum of services to all foreign citizens interested in contacts or visiting Russia with educational, tourism or other purposes.

  • Prospective students can get full informational support concerning educational programs of the educational Institutions of Russia which includes mailing to them application package, booklets and video films on CD (if available) of the selected institutions, giving answers to their questions, arranging consultations, etc. We are ready to explain all the regulations of the life and study in Russia and help you to avoid a lot of misunderstanding, save your time and efforts.
  • The association offers an organizational support to the applicants on all stages of their entrance period. We keep up contacts with the institution administration on all entrance-related issues, keep track of the application files being reviewed and analyzed, submit all the required documents for issue an invitation to receive Russian student visa. Our assistance will speed up and make more secure the entrance process.
  • When required, we can offer services to review the eligibility of the applicant's educational documents (in the event of transfer from a foreign institute/university, if an analysis of the legitimacy of the previously received diplomas and certificates is needed), render assistance in translation of all required documents.
  • We are ready to do everything to make a student feel comfortable upon arrival in a foreign country: to reserve a room in a dormitory, to meet a student at the airport and bring him to the campus, to assist in going through all the formalities (check in, getting health insurance, opening a bank account, currency exchange, etc.)
  • We still continue taking care of the students in the course of their studies at the higher education establishment. Each student can apply for a consultation of assistance to the agency personnel. If necessary, we can give all support to a student willing to change his field of specialization or to be transferred to another higher education establishment.
  • If due to specific reasons, a student experiences some difficulties in his studies, our association will be ready to help him by finding a teacher to give him extra classes in any of the subjects of the academic curriculum. We are also ready to be helpful in arranging an alternative lodging for a student: living with a family, in a separate apartment, etc.
  • Our association is virtually the only educational association which organizes tours about Russia for international students, taking their studies at the National Higher Education establishments. We offer all the students an opportunity to get familiar with this beautiful and marvelous country by arranging excursions in English, German, Franch and Chinese. This service is administered in collaboration with a tourist company, that is a national leader in this area, thus ensuring the high quality of service and professionalism of the guides.
  • A great number of parents are willing to see with their own eyes what are the living conditions of their children studying at the Russian educational establishments. According to the Russian legislation, the educational establishments are not entitled to provide visa support to the parents of their students. However, our association offers services in this field as well. We will be pleased to assist the parents in getting tourist or business visas for a visit to Russia, to make hotel reservation and to provide any desired services in meeting or taking them around Moscow.

In addition, we can help foreign citizens going via Moscow to other towns of Russia by offering them a basic package of services which comprises their pick up at the airport, hotel reservations, transfer to the hotel of another airport/railway station.

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