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Notarising and Document Legalisation Services

When you sign and agreement, you might need to get it notarized. What does that mean, and how can you get it done?

A document that has been notarized is one that’s been marked with a stamp (or “seal”), which indicates that the signature on the document is legitimate. A notary watches you sign a document, and then places the stamp near your signature. This tells the bank that you really signed the document – it wasn’t somebody else posing as you. In the age of identity theft and lawsuits, it’s important for the bank to know whether or not you really signed that important document.

For this matter, Soyuzonline can have your translated documents legalised and notarised by the respective bodies and that will save you a lot of trouble and time.

Just deliver your documents to our offices and we shall endeavor to help you out.

For further information, or if you want to request for a price quotation, contact us using the contact information below:

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Russian Scholarship Programme for Ugandans

There is a chance of winning a scholarship to pursue further studies in the Russian Federation. Scholarships are normally distributed to the Ministry of Education and Sports of Uganda, the Russian Embassy and to Soyuzonline.

These scholarships are usually limited to 15 applicants every year, which makes it practically impossible for many desiring applicants to acquire one.

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