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Soyuzonline becomes member of EEUA

We wish to congratulate Soyuzonline upon becoming a full member of EEUA (Eastern European Universities Association) EEUA main goal is to develop international education at Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian universities. Every year EEUA attends all main conferences, global meetings, workshops and fairs around the World to promote associate universities of Eastern European countries. Through this union and cooperation, Soyuzonline is bound to largely increase the number of student recruitments bound to study in Russian, Belorussian and Ukrainian Universities on both scholarship and private sponsorship programmes.


The Russian government, in a bid to boost education and support students from developing countries especially those who have not had the opportunity to join the desired University due to strict entry points, has come up with a program of giving these students the chance to study in Russian Universities and Institutions of Higher Education at fairly subsidized fees. This implies, that any student who was ready to afford the university fees at his/her home University will be able to pay almost the same price, though just slightly higher.

The Russian higher medical Universities & Engineering Universities occupy the leading positions in the world. Russia has always been ahead in the field of education and more specifically medicine, engineering and other fields. Studying in Russia is easy, cheap, and flexible. It's also about the only way most travelers can afford to engage in the cultural life of Russia's cities.

Russia has a long-standing tradition in high-quality education for all citizens. It probably has also one of the best education systems in the world producing a literacy rate (98%) exceeding most Western European countries. Education is split into a compulsory Basic Education, and ongoing Higher Education.

The Russian government in conjunction with the Russian Embassy in Uganda and Soyuzonline/Soyuz Center in Kampala have come up with this programme known as "Study in Russia" to promote the Russian Education Spirit in African countries especially for students in Uganda. Any student who wants to study in Russia is free to apply for any study programme. Study in Russia programme covers all types of courses, all disciplines both Arts and Sciences,from Humanities to Engineering, Medicine,et . All courses are available in our programme.

Important Information for prospective applicants: (Applicants from Uganda)

To apply for any course in the Russian Federation, you need to visit our office at Makerere University, St. Francis Chapel, Phase II. You ask for Mr. Deo Kamya (0772-334090 / 0751-002431) who is the coordinator of this programme.

When applying, be sure to have the following handy:

  1. Your academic transcripts ('O', 'A' level slips or certificates if available)
  2. Your passport (copy)
  3. 6 passport-size photographs
  4. The name of the desired course to study in Russia
  5. Your Birth Certificate
  6. Medical certificate confirming that you are in good health condition fit for study in Russia
  7. Medical certificate confirming that you are HIV/AIDS negative
  8. US $300.00 for application processing and registration, document processing, bank expenses, invitation for Visa and courier delivery.

Please note: Items 1,5,6 and 7 have to be translated into Russian, then certified by the relevant organs before they are submitted for processing.

In case the applicant needs assistance with the certification or translation of documents, Soyuzonline will be ready to assist after agreeing on the processing fees with the respective organs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNEB, Translation Firms etc.)

It should be borne in mind that this is not a SCHOLARSHIP programme! Applicant will meet tuition fee obligations, accommodation and upkeep expenses during the entire stay in Russia.

Click Here to learn about the Scholarship programme

All applicants after submitting in their applications, will be notified when their admissions are received from Moscow, Russia. This normally takes a period of 5-8 working days.

Semester Begin in Russia

The semester begins 1-st September of each year. You must arrive in Russian at least 2 weeks before Semester the begins for orientations purposes.

Tuition and Other Related Fees:

The tuition ranges between U.S. $1400 and 4,800 per year depending on course and city where the applicant will be staying. We, however, make it our first concern to relocate you to an affordable place.


This is the cheapest you will ever experience in Europe. Accommodation at Russian Universities is cheaper than in Uganda and you will comfortably spend between U.S $300 and U.S $400 on accommodation for a whole year in a hostel of 2-3 people in a room!

Please request for more information from our above-named office. Also, make sure that you ask wherever and whenever you are not sure. The program coordinators will gladly assist wherever they can.

Russian Scholarship Programme for Ugandans

There is a chance of winning a scholarship to pursue further studies in the Russian Federation. Scholarships are normally distributed to the Ministry of Education and Sports of Uganda, the Russian Embassy and to Soyuzonline.

These scholarships are usually limited to 15 applicants every year, which makes it practically impossible for many desiring applicants to acquire one.

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