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Ассоциация Угандийских выпускников вузов бывшего СССР

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There is a loose saying that, “the firmer the teeth in the mouth, the better they do chew the meat”
This was the underlying in hatching the idea of linking Soviet graduates Worldwide. The idea first emanated way back in 1998 by a few former Soyuz graduates namely Mondo Yona - a Mass Communication graduate from the Belorussian State University, Kamya Deogratias - a linguistic graduate from Moscow State Linguistic University, Ssemakula Martin also a Mass communication graduate from the Belorussian State University who actually put into practice this noble idea in 2006. To us this is a huge task and we can achieve enormous success together with the active participation of each individual Russian (Former Soviet) graduate, former Soviet Graduate Associations. We’re of the great conviction that this is a huge movement and an association of a group of people with great aspirations.
Therefore working together, hand in hand will solidly further cement these aspirations for the betterment of all of us individually, associations, communities and the world at large.

Soyuzonline is a Ugandan educational agency now specializing mostly in the export of services offered by the Russian Institutes/Universities/Academies. The agency is registered with the Ministry of  Education and Science of the Russian Federation and its activities fully comply with the national legislation. The main aims of the agency are: to provide information and organizational support to the citizens of Uganda and neighboring East African countries applying to different programs of higher education, professional training and retraining; to work with foreign students of Russian Higher Education establishments; to promote Russian educational services to foreign markets and to extend educational tourism throughout Russia.

In addition to that our intention and mission is to introduce the Russian culture to the peoples of Uganda, especially bringing closer the education system of Russia to all interested students and any individual who might not find it easy to pursue further studies in their home universities mostly due to lack of tuition or failure to be admitted in our universities due to strict entry points. We would like to help all those individuals wishing to pursue their studies in the Russian Federation and we endeavour to do our best to assist them.

Soyuzonline also operates to strengthen and support bileteral diplomatic, economic and cultural relations between the Republic of Uganda and the Russian Federation and works hand-in-hand with the Russian Embassy in Uganda to achieve this intention.

We are looking forward to having you here on our site as we bring you news and updates from our association!

Deogratias Kamya

(Technical Director, Soyuzonline)

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