1. QUESTION: If I apply for a scholarship program through your agency, is it mandatory that I will be considered for getting a scholarship?
  2. ANSWER: Not necessarily. There are issues that the selection committee puts into consideration, like applicant’s academic performance, availability of all the required documents, date of application (early or late) etc. If one of these has issues then it is possible that your application might be turned down. It should also be born in mind that some countries follow a strict quota. If the number of applicants exceeds the quota, then applicants with the best academic performance will take precedence!
  3. QUESTION: If I apply for a scholarship through your agency and my application is not successful for the current year, is it possible to try again in the following academic year?
  4. ANSWER: Sure! You may try as many years as possible if without success, however, you should not exceed the age limit of 24 years for Bachelors Degree and 34 for Masters Degree.
  5. QUESTION: I am currently studying in Russia on private sponsorship. Is it possible to switch to scholarship program while studying on private sponsorship?
  6. ANSWER: Yes, it is possible, though it can be tricky in some instances. You should discuss this with your coordinator or agent in your country.
  7. QUESTION: If I pay all the fees as stipulated by the agency and I fail to get the scholarship, will my money be refunded?
  8. ANSWER: No! And the reason is simple. The three types of fees paid are the application fee, scholarship committee fund and the agency administration charges.  All these fees serve their purpose during the application process and without them; no result can be achieved whether positive or negative. For this matter, there is no refund whatsoever.
  9. QUESTION: What happens if the university that I applied to in the first instance does not accept my application?
  10. ANSWER: When applying, the applicant is requested to apply at 6 Institutions of Higher Learning in the Russian Federation. When your application for scholarship has been considered, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation sends requests to the first University and if it is not considered, the request is further forwarded to the next and so on. If all 6 universities fail to admit the applicant then the Ministry of Education and Science has the right to make the final choice of University.
  11. QUESTION: Who is really responsible for allocating scholarships to applicants?
  12. ANSWER: Rossotrudnichestvo
  13. QUESTION: I have applied to study on scholarship program, but there is no Russian embassy or consulate in my country. Can this minimise my chances of being selected for Russian Government Sponsorship?
  14. ANSWER: No! You only need the Russian Embassy when getting a visa or having your documents legalized. Any Russian embassy in a neighbouring country can handle your application and visa issues.
  15. QUESTION: Is it possible to make partial payments for the application fees?
  16. ANSWER: Usually no! But it all depends on the flexibility of your agent. You may find a Student Recruiting Agency with very flexible and friendly terms of service; however, this is just a personal issue. Please, be honest with your Agent and let them know your financial situation before you proceed with the application request.

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