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Ассоциация Угандийских выпускников вузов бывшего СССР

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Acquire World-class Education in the Russian Federation through our "Study in Russia" programme

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Welcome to Soyuzonline international

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We are a student recruiting agency and we recruit students worldwide to study in Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, South Korea, China and Australia. Our aim is to help interested persons achieve their dreams by presenting to them study opportunities at Institutions of Higher Learning in the above-names countries. We do assist them in acquiring study scholarships, how and where to apply and guide them through the whole process until they board the plane to their study destinations. Where there are no scholarships available, we always help out on affordable self-sponsored study programs and we do ensure that our students are comfortable with the fees they have to pay. We work hand-in-hand with various Academic Institutions in Russia as well as with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation to ensure that our applicants get the best schools for study and in amicable and safe cities.  We operate under the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Rossotrudnichestvo, MKC Incorvuz and Eastern European Universities Association. We recruit students worldwide for Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral/PhD programs.  

Soyuzonline becomes member of EEUA

We wish to congratulate Soyuzonline upon becoming a full member of EEUA (Eastern European Universities Association) EEUA main goal is to develop international education at Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian universities. Every year EEUA attends all main conferences, global meetings, workshops and fairs around the World to promote associate universities of Eastern European countries. Through this union and cooperation, Soyuzonline is bound to largely increase the number of student recruitments bound to study in Russian, Belorussian and Ukrainian Universities on both scholarship and private sponsorship programmes.


This website is purely managed by former Soviet/Russian graduates who are also members of  Soyuzonline (Uganda), which is an Association of the Ugandan Former Soviet Graduates. Our intention and mission is to introduce the Russian culture to the peoples of Uganda, especially bringing closer the education system of Russia to all interested students and any individual who might not find it easy to pursue further studies in their home universities mostly due to lack of tuition or failure to be admitted in our universities due to strict entry points. We would like to help all those individuals wishing to pursue their studies in the Russian Federation and we endeavour to do our best to assist them.

Soyuzonline also operates to strengthen and support bileteral diplomatic, economic and cultural relations between the Republic of Uganda and the Russian Federation and works hand-in-hand with the Russian Embassy in Uganda to achieve this intention.

We are looking forward to having you here on our site as we bring you news and updates from our association!

Study in Russia -Now easier than ever!

Important: Application Period for Academic year 2018-2019 has ended!

New! New Guidlines on Russian Scholarship and Self-Sponsorship Programmes for academic period of 2019/2020. This is what you ought to know! (click this link please)

The Russian government, in a bid to boost education and support students from developing countries especially those who have not had the opportunity to join the desired University due to strict entry points, has come up with a programme of giving these students the chance to study in Russian Universities and Institutions of Higher Learning on both scholarship and self-sponsored arrangements.  Self-sponsored programmes usually enjoy a significant tuition subsidy from the Russian government! This implies, that any student who was ready to afford the university fees at his/her home University will be able to pay almost the same price, though just slightly higher.

The Russian higher Medical Universities & Engineering Universities occupy the leading positions in the world. Russia has always been ahead in the field of education and more specifically medicine, engineering and other fields. Studying in Russia is easy, cheap, and flexible. It's also about the only way most travelers can afford to engage in the cultural life of Russia's cities.


We guarantee you total satisfaction!

Soyuzonline is here to guarantee you first-class services and total satisfaction in all of them! With this, we comfortably issue you this satisfaction guarantee to assure you of our seriousness and commitment to quality services towards our esteemed clients!

Russian Language Lessons

Soyuzonline offers both language and computer lessons geared at improving communication skills in this modern world. All our students who wish to pursue further studies in the Russian Federation first undergo a Russian language course for 6 months prior to departure to Russia. This helps them get a smooth start in the foreign country.

Russian Scholarship Programme for Ugandans

There is a chance of winning a scholarship to pursue further studies in the Russian Federation. Scholarships are normally distributed to the Ministry of Education and Sports of Uganda, the Russian Embassy and to Soyuzonline.

These scholarships are usually limited to 15 applicants every year, which makes it practically impossible for many desiring applicants to acquire one.

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